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"Before Oculus Rift, this solo development foresaw the future." -

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Use your entire PC from within the metaverse!

3D Virtual Desktop Features

  •  Every object in the 3D world is a working shortcut.
  •  Launches both desktop shortcuts & internet links.
  •  Launches your full version applications.
  •  Run your apps at full speed & quality.

Media Scraping Features

  • Enhances your shortcut icons with boxart & preview videos.
  •  Find custom boxart & previews without even using the keyboard.
  •  Makes customizing your shortcuts fast & easy.

Customization Features

  •  Use a single room or an entire vast world as your desktop.
  •  Decorate your desktop with 3D props.
  •  In-game shortcut placement & editing.
  •  Customize as you play & play as you customize!

Community Features

  •  Host any arcade in multiplayer mode.
  •  Share any arcade on the Steam workshop.
  •  Over-the-shoulder live in-game spectating powered by
  •  Mutliplayer-friendly desktop shortcuts.

Addon Features

  •  Use stock & addon content from over 30 other Source engine games.
  •  Over 50,000 compatible maps & over 35,000 compatible props.
  •  Share custom maps, models, items, or saves on the Steam workshop.
  •  Develop C++/C# apps that run on the in-game cabinet screens w/ Libretro.

Metaverse Features

  •  Every arcade is a unique experience.
  •  Journey into any virtual world straight from AArcade’s universe.
  •  Your friends affect your world, even if you are never on at the same time.

Our mission... to change the world.

To make using our PCs a fun, immersive, and productive experience that we can share every time we sit down to use our computers.  To empower us all by providing the simple tools needed to shape vast virtual worlds as a community or as individuals that reflect our interests.  To give the metaverse purpose; enabling us to be productive and entertained at the same time.