What is AArcade: Redux?

It is a completely new project based on the original Early Access version of Anarchy Arcade. It is a revisioning of the 3D desktop concept that incorporates everything that I've learned over the 7 years of running this living project.

Why not just a regular update?

Over the years, the AArcade user community has been defining what is expected of a practical 3D desktop by providing feedback on the freely available Steam Early Access version.

As a result, some of AArcade's coolest features were added as an after-thought and were not part of the original design. This eventually made the source code very complex and difficult to work with as the developer.

Now that we've learned what we want in a practical 3D desktop as a community, I can incorporate all of those features into a *new* design that will give us what we want now, and make it easy for us to stay current in the future.

When will it be available?

AArcade: Redux will be release in 2017. After that, it will routinely have updates to keep it current.

Redux is designed modularly so that major components can be easily upgraded or replaced without the developer (myself) having to worry about far-reaching bugs from the changes.

Where can I get it?

The new AArcade client will be available for download on Steam. The source code to all AArcade projects will be available on GitHub.

How can I upgrade?

AArcade: Redux is backwards compatible with the Early Access version of AArcade. You will automatically get this update and there will be in-game wizards to help you import your saves & content from the Early Access version.

AArcade Projects
Public Metaverse
Engine-agnostic library of meta information for shortcuts, props, saves, and servers.

The metaverse is pure text that holds all the info & references that an AArcade Client needs to generate 3D desktop worlds.

Like an HTML page, all the metaverse does is reference art assets and link to info that is outside of the page itself.

If the metaverse is like an HTML page, then an AArcade client is like your web browser.

The public metaverse is hosted in a cross-platform Firebase session and supports multiplayer.
Private Metaverse
The same concept as the public metaverse, but your own private metaverse stored on your own PC.

This is singleplayer mode.

Think of it as an HTML file sitting on your desktop.

You always have the option to host any of your private saves in a public metaverse session if you'd like.

This would be like uploading that HTML file so your friends could check it out.
AArcade: Source Client
This is the program that lets you build, use, and explore metaverse saves.

The AArcade: Source Client is built on Valve's Source engine.

When the metaverse references a prop or a map, the game engine provides these art assets.

This is the 3D world of the metaverse.

The client acts as a shortcut manager, world editor, and 3D web browser.

You can think of a client as a metaverse web browser that can view both local or online metaverse saves.

Source Engine Client

The first AArcade: Redux client is built on Valve's Source 1 engine and is completely backwards compatible with the Early Access version of AArcade.

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