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"Before Oculus Rift, this solo development foresaw the future." -

parallax layer

Use your entire PC from within the metaverse!

3D Virtual Desktop Features

  •  Every object in the 3D world is a working shortcut.
  •  Launches both desktop shortcuts & internet links.
  •  Launches your full version applications.
  •  Run your apps at full speed & quality.

Media Scraping Features

  • Enhances your shortcut icons with boxart & preview videos.
  •  Find custom boxart & previews without even using the keyboard.
  •  Makes customizing your shortcuts fast & easy.

Customization Features

  •  Use a single room or an entire vast world as your desktop.
  •  Decorate your desktop with 3D props.
  •  In-game shortcut placement & editing.
  •  Customize as you play & play as you customize!

Community Features

  •  Host any arcade in multiplayer mode.
  •  Share any arcade on the Steam workshop.
  •  Over-the-shoulder live in-game spectating powered by
  •  Mutliplayer-friendly desktop shortcuts.

Addon Features

  •  Use stock & addon content from over 30 other Source engine games.
  •  Over 50,000 compatible maps & over 35,000 compatible props.
  •  Share custom maps, models, items, or saves on the Steam workshop.
  •  Develop C++/C# apps that run on the in-game cabinet screens w/ Libretro.

Metaverse Features

  •  Every arcade is a unique experience.
  •  Journey into any virtual world straight from AArcade’s universe.
  •  Your friends affect your world, even if you are never on at the same time.